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Navigation Trails for Everyone

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Trail running gear and trail shoes are best, as you'll be covering a variety of terrain. A compass is optional - our courses are designed for the trail runner. Wet weather gear (cagoule, hat, gloves etc) may be needed at any time of the year.

Special waterproof navigation maps with courses already printed on them - you then visit the check points in order. Every entrant receives a race number at registration. You will also need a SportiDent timing dibber - if you haven’t got your own, you will be issued one (rental included in your entry fee). One of our team will show you how to use this and it records your progress at every check point around the course. Written descriptions of each control site (ie Large Boulder) are also provided. ALL check points will be on obvious features, such as crags, boulders, small hills, streams etc.

No. Both the start and finish for ALL courses are in the event arena. The longer EPIC and QUEST courses have a marked route from the start to the first control.

The EPIC is for more experienced trail runners with a basic understanding of maps and navigation. You'll be able to choose the route that suits you best between some of the controls. A winning time of 50 minutes is expected. If required, a GPX file of the safety trail route will be provided a few days before the event.

Our QUEST course is for less experienced trail runners, with lots of controls and changes of direction. A winning time of 30-35 minutes is expected. If required, a GPX file of the safety trail route will be provided a few days before the event.

The BLAST for some, will be just that - lots of fun. Suitable for everyone over 12 years of age, with lots of controls and very short distances between some of them. Using parklands and the village, there will also be a manned road crossing. A large map scale means even individual trees will be marked on the map! A winning time of 12-15 minutes is expected.

The JAUNT is a practice, warm-up course of around 1.5km. A must for absolute  newbies, this will get you familiar with every aspect of completing a Navigation Trails event, using the timing devices, getting used to the map scale, map symbols and how the check points, finish and download works.

When you enter, you can choose a start time window for each course. Competitors set off individually at around one minute intervals, although if you're taking part as either a pair or team, then you can all set off together. It's essentially a time trial. The JAUNT starts from 9.15am until 3pm. The EPIC starts from 10am until 1pm; QUEST from 11am until 2pm, then the BLAST from 12pm until 3pm.

Adult entry for EPIC, QUEST & BLAST, also includes entry to ALL the following courses: JAUNT, HUNT, CHASE & MAZE. In addition, once you've finished your entered EPIC, QUEST or BLAST course, you have the option of taking part in a shorter course (ie, enter the EPIC and when you've finished you can also do the QUEST or BLAST. Enter the QUEST and afterwards, you can do the BLAST. All entrants can go around the same course again as many times as they like.

All our courses are planned with safety in mind, which is why, if it's needed, we provide you with a GPX file of the 'safety trail' you can download before the event. All the check points are located close to this 'safety trail'. Navigation Trails is a friendly event, so don't hesitate to ask a fellow competitor for help. We'll have marshals out on the course in high vis jackets to help you too. We also insist everyone carries with them a mobile phone, so as a last resort you can call our emergency help number, which will be on the map.

Every map will have a simple list and explanation all the map symbols. Sign up to one of our Social Media pages, and you'll get regular updates explaining these symbols in more detail. Our aim is to help you learn as much as possible before coming along to the Navigation Trails

Navigation is an important 'survival skill', just like swimming. Our kids will benefit from knowing how to use maps to find their way, making their own decisions. All the Navigation Trails children's courses are in a safe, enclosed, traffic free environment, so you’ll be able to let them take part on their own. You can also tag along if you want and follow them (if they'll let you!!).

Absolutely! We've all got to start somewhere, navigation is a skill and requires practice. Our Navigation Trails will hopefully start you on a life-long journey of improving these skills.

Sure thing! You'll probably find the navigation element of our Navigation Trails courses pretty easy. Make things harder for yourself by going faster than you would normally go whilst navigating. Pushing your window this way, you'll find your navigation will improve!

Yes! Navigation requires care and concentration. You'll be surprised how many speedy runners make mistakes. If you're walking, you are less likely to make navigation errors. Don't be surprised if you even beat some of the runners. Navigation is a hare and a tortoise game.

Our Navigation Trails are also designed with you in mind. Remember, slow down to your navigation speed, this will most likely be much slower than your usual running speed. Don't worry about this, as the more navigation events you do, the quicker you'll become!

Yes - not only will they help with your 'micro navigation' and 'route choice' skills, as the Navigation Trails are also designed for Pairs, you can take part with your Mountain Marathon team mate.

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